Circle of Helping Hands Inc. (COHH), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, tax ID# 04-3821284, is a federal program funded by services, grants, donations, and contributions. The organization is headquartered and operated by volunteers of the community whose mission is to advocate, educate and connect our Communities.

Anita Miranda is the founder of Circle of Helping Hands (COHH), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in based in Scottsdale, AZ, and Hollywood, CA operated by community volunteers who are dedicated to advocate, educate and connect our communities to include veterans, seniors, single women with children, families, and organizations. We provide the blueprints of locating social benefits to those who may be eligible for services: healthcare, financial aid, at-home programs, start-up business, military benefits, and social security. We develop opportunities for those seeking assistance by educating themselves within our services model. Every action is aimed to pay it forward and COHH accomplishes this by empowering others through internships, practical knowledge, and hands-on experience. We bring hope to our community in times of need due to an unforeseen hardship. COHH receives its funding from Miranda’s Creatives, LLC, charity of choice of, individuals, corporations, organizations, and entrepreneurs. We are also currently seeking additional support from charitable foundations. We pride our organization for offering a hand up not a handout.

Miranda and her staff bring clarity to the scope of our activities so that potential donors, volunteers, and the media understand the underlying mission drives the essence of all our work.

We offer many services and products at low or no cost to non-profit organizations, therefore, their fundraising initiatives will be for their purpose. We could not do this if organizations, corporations, and individuals did not choose us as their preferred vendor.

There is a unique beauty in each of us – not necessarily physical beauty – but the lovely tapestry of talents and attributes that, when combined, recognized, and celebrated, become the framework of our potential. My goal is to help individuals, whether they are disabled or abled, and their businesses shine a light on this framework so that they have an opportunity to fulfill their potential through access to video and media production, photography, event entertainment, fundraising, book publishing, promotions, and social media so that they can achieve their dreams.


We are proud of our mission and have helped countless individuals reshape their lives. Several poignant stories come to mind.

“One day, we saw an ad posted on Craigslist by a man willing to work in any capacity to earn a living for himself and his family. He had been unemployed for seven years, and job opportunities continued to be scarce. Although he was an artist by trade, he welcomed any type of work yet prayed for his craft. He had been reunited with his former spouse and their two children, but with no employment on the horizon, things were looking especially grim. Fortunately, a client of Miranda’s Creatives contacted a COHH staff requesting an artist – not just any artist but someone who painted murals and had an eye for a vision. Before the end of the night, COHH offered this family man a paying gig. His work was praised and can be seen to this day on an inside wall a Metro Center building. We opened a door of hope – and when one door opens, others follow.”

Another example…

“A woman in her early thirties was referred to COHH. She had been attending college for over 10 years and still had not directed her studies to a designated major. She had been employed by several organizations but could not seem to hold a job. She still lived in her parent’s home and had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. She did not know where to turn for help. COHH helped this young woman find the right counselor. She was quickly diagnosed with a disability and qualified for social benefits. With our help, she became more focused and was able to apply for financial aid to complete her AA. Today she lives on her own, has purchased her dream vehicle, is currently employed and has new choices for her life. This is Circle of Helping Hands.”

Our success stories are available upon request.

Our Vision and Mission:
1. Collaborate rather than compete with similar organizations
2. Reach out to sometimes excluded groups
3. Deliver services directly to those who need them
4. Address root causes of problems, rather than symptoms

Retired since 2005, Miranda is a United States Navy disabled veteran. Her life’s path began as a Ward of the Court, but she overcame her insecure beginnings and went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Master’s degree in Education as well as served our nation honorably in the United States Navy. Miranda considers herself fortunate that she is surrounded by women and men who believe in her and never gave up on her potential to lead a fully rewarding and productive life. She has had her own share of disbelievers and negativity. Because of the support and her desire to do something with her life – Anita has dedicated her next chapter to helping others.

“I am a mother, grandmother, veteran, educator, author, speaker, nonprofit manager, entrepreneur, intuitive reader – the list goes on. But I am not special – we all have multiple roles, unique capabilities, and often complex histories. Yesterday, I was disabled; today I am differently-abled.  I live and manage daily Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and its effects; my family was deeply affected in ways that I was never fully able to repair. However, although I cannot undo the past, I enjoy my present. I do have control of my future, and I am grateful of the incredible impact that I am making to improve people’s chances for success and a second chance. I have a proven track record of what it takes to live authentically, fully on your own terms.”

Miranda’s Creatives, LLC, has provided funding for COHH through the following initiatives. They include but are not limited to:

  • Official Lipstick Reader (an entertaining and engaging service that interprets lip imprints in much the same way that a palm reader charts a person’s life via a KISS, it is all about the lips)
  • PTSD Partner (an education and workshop platform that provides a wide variety of awareness, services, and products to support PTSD awareness, a blog to share  journeys and resources with encouragement for those living with disabilities in our communities)
  • Ask Nana Children’s Book Series (dedicated to helping children and their families deal with important issues they are experiencing in their homes with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, that may be confusing from a child’s perspective)
  • Red Carpet Extravaganza with Media PRO Productions (developed to prepare women and men how to present themselves in the best possible light when they are on camera, primarily geared towards entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and business professionals who need to give interviews, present materials, or have to be “in the limelight” for any reason with video and photography)

These initiatives (and more) help individuals and businesses recognize and promote the beauty and strength derived from their own incredible stories, and all of our energy is devoted to helping remove (sometimes self-imposed) barriers to their success. Every effort we put forth is to bring well-deserved attention, support, and love to individuals who need guidance in realizing their potential.

For more information, please feel free to call me at 1-877-605-6389 or email me at If your organization has a need for any of the above services, we welcome the opportunity to earn additional funding for COHH. We don’t accept handouts; we are a working charity offering individuals many options to learn new skills, acclimate to a working environment, community service, and “Pay It Forward” for those who receive our services. Because I was once that little girl who wanted so much more, my team and I dedicate our lives to helping others with the Circle Of Helping Hands platform. Whether you are a potential donor, a media representative, or simply an individual who would like to learn more about my services, I welcome your call or email.

Thank you so much for your time! There are thousands, if not millions, of individuals who still need our support. It only takes one to dream to believe in and one goal to achieve to make a profound difference. Together, please help us reach them! Please help us help them!


Anita Miranda, President

To learn more, volunteer, or donate, please call:


Nana Knows: Nana’s Helping Hand with PTSD

Nana Knows Sneak Peek

Nana Knows: Nana’s Helping Hand With PTSD – Explaining PTSD to Children and Families

Growing up and learning the facts of life, children of PTSD parents can struggle for a lifetime, having had their developmental years marred by confusion and grief. Lack of open communication from a child’s point of view may lead to costly therapy and the future expenses of children damaged by PTSD as in broken homes, toxic relationships, and poor life choices.

Through the authorial voice of Navy Veteran Anita Miranda, “Nana’s Helping Hand with PTSD” presents a uniquely nurturing perspective as Anita shares her journey from active duty in the United States military and as a civilian on the family impact of PTSD. This groundbreaking beautifully illustrated resourceful guide allows parents and caregivers to empower their children with invaluable defenses against the negative life-altering impact of children with PTSD parents.

Parents who are educated about the effects of PTSD and learn the facts can give their children correct information and clear up any misconceptions. As a role model for your children and your views on PTSD and it’s symptoms may strongly influence how they react and cope. If you’ve ever looked for family storybooks to help share a sensitive subject living with a disability to your child, you know how hard they can be to find.

Nana Knows is a true-to-life series inviting children into a safe place to ask questions and receive answers they will understand. In the story, the neighborhood Nana is disabled, yet very wise and compassionate. She welcomes any of the children to visit for milk and cookies. What they leave with is coping skills leading to the release of blame, guilt and feeling helpless.

Twins Bobby and Bella show up distraught on Nana’s doorstep one afternoon, shocked at their mother’s behavior and feeling like their mother no longer loves them. They feel that they did something wrong. Nana ushers them in for their traditional milk and cookies, but when the twins refuse, she offers a listening ear and a helping hand. Can she help the twins understand their mother’s PTSD?

Nana Knows, A Helping Hands with PTSD provides powerful life lessons to younger and all audiences via the vehicle of entertainment. Imagine doing just that with your children and grandchildren while reading this book together! Anita Miranda not only tells an appealing narrative, but she also provides valuable teaching techniques and follow-up questions to share with your child. The first in the series covers PTSD and is available in paperback, Kindle, hardcover, audio and animated video versions. The Spanish version will be released soon.

Make sure and check out the interactive workbook to help your family grasp the complexity of PTSD from a child’s view.

PTSD Awareness in our Communities:






Official Lipstick Reader

An entertaining and engaging service that interprets lip imprints in much the same way that a palm reader charts a person’s life via a KISS. A safe way to leave some lip service.

PTSD Partner Communities

An entertaining and engaging service that interprets lip imprints in much the same way that a palm reader charts a person’s life via a KISS. A safe way to leave some lip service.

Miranda’s Creatives Brand|Land|Launch

An entertaining and engaging service that interprets lip imprints in much the same way that a palm reader charts a person’s life via a KISS. A safe way to leave some lip service.