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Heartbeats and Helping Hands

Founded by Dr. Miranda, Circle of Helping Hands believes in a community of helping hands to coexist, Living Differently-Abled in all facets of life and opportunities. We exist to offer opportunities to veterans, their families, and those contemplating starting an in-home business.

Circle of Helping Hands Inc. (COHH), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, tax ID# 04-3821284, is a federal program funded by services, grants, donations, and contributions. The organization is operated by volunteers whose mission is to advocate, educate, and connect our communities with strategic alliances. We don’t expect handouts — we offer a hand up.

We're actively fundraising for our latest initiative, KISSes for a Cause, where our mission is to harness the profound impact of the KISS! Dr. Miranda and her team will be on a live broadcast, capturing the inspiring stories of veterans and their families. Our ultimate goal is to produce a compelling documentary that shares these powerful narratives, shedding light on the experiences and journeys of our revered veterans. Contact us to learn more at!

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Together, We will build a future filled with Hope & Promise.

Why Circle of Helping Hands?

Circle of Helping Hands (COHH), established by Dr. Anita Miranda, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ, and operations in Hollywood, CA. Run by dedicated community volunteers, our core focus is on advocating for, educating, and connecting communities, with a special emphasis on veterans, their families, and individuals exploring entrepreneurship from home.

Our organization takes pride in offering a 'hand up' rather than a 'handout.'

Dr. Miranda and our team prioritize identifying and addressing the critical needs of our communities, ensuring that potential donors, volunteers, and the media comprehend the driving mission behind all our endeavors.

At COHH, every effort is geared towards paying it forward, empowering others through internships, practical knowledge, and hands-on experience. In times of unforeseen hardships, we strive to infuse hope into our community. Funding for our initiatives comes from diverse sources such as Miranda’s Creatives, LLC, individual donors, corporations, organizations, and entrepreneurs. Currently, we are seeking additional support from charitable foundations.

We believe that each individual possesses a distinctive beauty – not solely in physical appearance but in the diverse tapestry of talents and qualities they bring. When acknowledged and celebrated, these attributes form the foundation of one's potential. Our objective is to empower individuals, regardless of abilities, to illuminate this foundation. We provide access to services such as video and media production, photography, event entertainment, fundraising, book publishing, promotions, and social media. Through these resources, we aim to offer everyone the chance to pursue their aspirations, enabling them to achieve their dreams.

When you've stumbled we are your helping hand!

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We are Here to help Veterans and their families

Our Vision and Mission:



Collaborate rather than compete with similar organizations.



Reach out to excluded groups.



Offer services directly to those who need them.



Address root causes of problems, rather than symptoms.

We are proud of our mission and have helped countless individuals reshape their lives.

“One day, we saw an ad posted on Craigslist by a man willing to work in any capacity to earn a living for himself and his family. He had been unemployed for seven years, and job opportunities continued to be scarce. Although he was an artist by trade, he welcomed any type of work, but prayed for his craft. He had been reunited with his former spouse and their two children, but with no employment on the horizon, things were looking especially grim. Fortunately, a client of Miranda’s Creatives contacted COHH staff requesting an artist – not just any artist but someone who painted murals and had an eye for a vision. Before the end of the night, COHH offered this family man a paying gig. His work was praised and can be seen to this day on an inside wall a Metro Center building. We opened a door of hope – and when one door opens, others follow.”

Another poignant story come to mind.

“A woman in her early thirties was referred to COHH. After attending college for over 10 years, she still had not directed her studies to a designated major. She had been employed by several organizations but could not seem to hold a job. Living in her parent’s home, she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life and did not know where to turn for help. COHH helped this young woman find the right counselor. She was quickly diagnosed with a disability and qualified for social benefits. With our help, she became more focused and was able to apply for financial aid to complete her AA. Today she lives on her own, has purchased her dream vehicle, is currently employed, and has new choices for her life. This is Circle of Helping Hands.”


Miranda’s Creatives, LLC, has provided funding for COHH through Multiple initiatives.


Discover the Secrets of Your Kiss

Official Kiss Print Reader


We offer KISS Print Readings to assist, both one-on-one and for events. We highly suggest receiving a reading with Dr. Miranda to guide your business in the direction it is meant to go. Official Kiss Print Reader also offers a great entertainment opportunity for any kind of event.

Your Reputation, Your Brand

What's Your Story


Not everybody needs a lot of followers, not everybody cares about a book deal, and not everyone wants a large complex website. What we do all care about is trust. We help you build up the trust of potential clients by digitizing your reputation, building up your personal brand, and revealing the story that drives your passion. What's Your Story assists you in finding the best way to introduce your brand to new clients, whether that's through updated branding, an updated (or new) website, a marketing campaign, or something else entirely.

See Your Business in Motion

Media PRO and More


Our rockstar team custom creates videos to deliver messages, generate views, create engagement, and produce results by writing and editing video and media scripts for marketing, advertising and website initiatives. Beyond that medium, we also assist with every step of creating your unique and powerful website, from hosting to designing, and offer a leg up in regards to graphics and photos.

From Camera Shy to BADASS

Red Carpet Institute


We have created amazing eCourses to help you gain the confidence to be on camera. Whether it's for a business ad, Instagram, or a media interview, we'll make sure that you are well on your way to shining in the spotlight.


Beacon Publishing House


We help you put your story to the page, offering publishing services ranging from editing, book design, cover design, ebook & physical publishing on Amazon, and more! We take the guesswork out of what, why, and where to self-publish. By taking our quick "How-to" questionnaire, we will get you from "I want to write a book" to "I am a published author."

When Children Need a Helping Hand to Understand...

Nana Knows...


Dedicated to helping children and their families deal with important issues they are experiencing in their homes with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, that may be confusing from a child’s perspective.

These initiatives (and more) help individuals and businesses recognize and promote the beauty and strength derived from their own incredible stories, and all of our energy is devoted to helping remove barriers (sometimes self-imposed) to their success. Every effort we put forth is to bring well-deserved attention, support, and love to individuals who need guidance in realizing their potential.

For more information, please feel free to call us at 1-877-605-6389 or email us at If your organization has a need for any of the above services, we welcome the opportunity to earn additional funding for COHH. We don’t accept handouts; we are a working charity offering individuals many options to learn new skills, acclimate to a working environment, community service, and “Pay It Forward” for those who receive our services. Because I was once that little girl who wanted so much more, my team and I dedicate our lives to helping others with the Circle Of Helping Hands platform. Whether you are a potential donor, a media representative, or simply an individual who would like to learn more about our services, we welcome your call or email.

There are thousands, if not millions, of individuals who still need our support. It only takes one to dream to believe in and one goal to achieve to make a profound difference. Please help us reach them together! Please help us help them!


Dr. Anita Miranda, CEO/President


Why create Circle of Helping Hands?

Dr. Miranda is a Navy Veteran who has been working on building her business for years. Knowing the problems that can plague veterans, especially those working on their careers, she wanted to find a way to reach out to others with a helping hand. And she created Circle of Helping Hands just for that purpose.

Who does Circle of Helping Hands serve?

Circle of Helping Hands primarily focuses on assisting veterans and their families, but we also reach out helping hands to single parents, families, seniors, and those in excluded groups who are in need of aid.

Is Circle of Helping Hands a real charity?

Yes! Circle of Helping Hands has been granted tax-exempt status by the IRS, functioning as a charity under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

I want to make a difference. How do I help?

To learn how to volunteer, donate, or offer other assistance, you can send us an email to, or give us a call at (877) 605-6389.

Or you can fill out the form at the top of this page.

I need assistance. How can I get help?

If you are in need of assistance, please contact our volunteers at or give us a call at (877)605-6389. 

How much of my donation goes directly to COHH?

100% of donations paid to COHH goes to our effort to help veterans and other disenfranchised groups.

How To Join The COHH Community



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